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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

๏ The New MINI ๏

When production of the classic Mini ceased in 2000, BMW (the new owner of the brand) announced the successor to the Mini – which is variously called the "BMW MINI" or the "New MINI". The brand name for the new car is MINI (written in capital letters).
Some Mini enthusiasts reject the claim that the MINI as the natural successor of the original car - others simply dislike it - yet others were amongst the first to buy the new MINI when it was launched. There are many reasons offered for the negative point of view. One notion is that the classic Mini could have continued in viable production for many more years had it not been 'killed off' to make way for the MINI. The new MINI is larger than the classic Mini. It is around 55 cm longer, 30 cm wider, weighing 1050 kg rather than 650 kg. That, together with the departure from the spartan minimalism of the original, has proven objectionable to some enthusiasts. Others resent the manner in which BMW took the Mini brand name from the Rover group. However, many Mini owners take the opposite view and embrace the new car as a logical succession of the original and view it as the only way the concept could have continued in the light of modern safety, emissions and manufacturing principles. Some Mini clubs go so far as to ban MINIs from their club meetings - others actively seek car enthusiasts from both camps. This spectrum of attitudes has been noted with other retro-car releases such as the Volkswagen Beetle and is far from being unique to the Mini community.

MINI is the name of a subsidiary of BMW as well as that of a car produced by that subsidiary since April 2001. The car, designed by Frank Stephenson, is marketed as a "retro" redesign of the original Mini, which was manufactured by the British Motor Corporation and its successors from 1959 to 2000. The name is written in capital letters to distinguish it from its predecessor. It is sometimes called 'The BMW MINI' or 'The New MINI'. Originally developed by Rover Group, the MINI project was retained by BMW when the latter divested itself of Rover in 2000. The MINI is manufactured in Cowley, Oxford, United Kingdom, in what was historically the Morris car plant.

The 2001 to 2006 model years included four hatchback models: the basic 'MINI One', the diesel-engined 'MINI One/D', the sportier 'MINI Cooper' and the supercharged 'MINI Cooper S'. In 2005 a convertible roof option was added. In November 2006 a greatly re-engineered version of the MINI was released which is unofficially known as the "Mk II MINI". The Mk II is only available as a hard-top in the 2007 model year.

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